Thursday, January 25, 2007

Transportation Decisions

It's tough trying to decide which way to travel in Turkey. I hear horror stories of Turkish drivers so I think I will limit my rental car experiences to areas outside of the major cities.  I also have to avoid any mountain passes or scary high spaces - I do NOT do well in high places, and would freak out if I had to drive over a mountain road.  Right now the best solution seems to be a combination of train, bus and car travel. 

So here's my itinerary so far:  fly out of Cincinnati on Thursday and arrive in Istanbul on Friday. Friday and Saturday will be spent on the main tourist attractions, and a Bosporus boat ride on Sunday.  Sunday night I will take the overnight sleeper train to Ankara. It will save me from a long tedious daytime bus ride, and also saves the cost of a hotel room since I'll be traveling all night.  I get into Ankara around 8:00 a.m.  I'll probably spend the day tooling around there OR just take the bus for Goreme - haven't decided yet.


Joe Ehrlich said...

I would suggest taking the night bus straight from Istanbul to Goreme.

Avoid Ankara if you can.

Mardee said...

Thanks, Joe - good to know. The only reason I'm thinking about the train rather than the bus is because I can't sleep sitting up... But maybe for one night (and an Ambien) I can get by. :)